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Next year's '51' five days of light 'message type travel'

Date: 2019-11-24

On November 21st, the State Council general office on the part of the holiday arrangement in 2020 notice "(hereinafter referred to as the" notice "), a stone up, among them, the "five days" May Day "holiday where to play" the topic is lit the major social networking platform.According to the "notice", 2020 labor day to have a holiday from May 1-5, paid leave, and this is the first time since 2019 after, our country again, "51" little long vacation.By the Beijing business press time, ctrip, where net, flying pigs, cyts travel network, hornet's nest, with Cheng Yilong way cattle, the relevant person in charge of OTA told reporters, after the holiday notice issued in 2020, domestic tourists are already being felt in short time platform is the rapid outbreak of travel demand, hotel, air tickets and other related tourism product search, consulting, surge in bookings instantly.As long as the message appears good tourism, tourists will immediately to buy tickets, booking, "message" of new consumption boom is rapidly across the tourism market.